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Subsidence & Underpinning Services

Uretek provides foundation repair, structural support and subsidence remediation services which have distinct advantages over traditional underpinning. We have unique proven processes that, with minimum disruption and no excavation, save our clients' time and money, taking the stress out of repairing sunken concrete and subsiding structures. Our processes can be used across a number of different applications from small domestic applications of only 5 - 10m² to large industrial projects of over 30,000m². 

We have categorised our solutions into five types:

Stabilisation - Prevents lateral movement of slabs or structures

Releveling - Expansion forces raise slabs or structures to original level

Ground Improvement - Bearing capacity of soils or made ground increased

Structural support - resin pillars formulated in very weak ground to support structure above

Void filling - substantial voids filled with expansive, hydro-insensitive resin

Re-levelling solutions

Uretek re-levelling process provides a fast, accurate and cost-effective remedial solution for subsidence and stabilising sunken concrete slabs.

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Ground Improvement

Our Ground improvement solution is an procedure where the bearing capacity of foundation soils is improved by injection of expanding geo-polymer.

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Void Filling

Uretek Void Filling solutions can be used to fill any size void. It is ideal for filling mineshafts, tunnels, caves, pipelines and conduits.

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