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Injection Underpinning Process

For all contracting projects we use the same step-by-step processes so that problems are correctly assessed and the appropriate solution identified and tailored to suit the particular requirements of each individual project.

This process ensures that each project is carried out according to a clearly defined specification produced by highly-trained experienced staff and engineers to bring our customers a quality resolution.

The URETEK Remediation Process


1. Conduct a Thorough Site Survey

  • A fully qualified and competent surveyor arrives on sites and inspects and documents the situation at hand.
  • Settlements and tilts of the worksite are measure.
  • Reasons for settlements are identified to decide the best option going forward.
  • Soil density is measured to identify whether it needs strengthening.
Injection Underpinning Process                          

2. Identify the Right Solution for the Situation at Hand

  • Assessment of completed survey to establish the required plan of action and relaying this to all concerned parties.
  • Estimate of job cost and quotation produced and presented to client.
  • In order to get an accurate estimate of pricing, consultant teams consist of geo and structural engineers, project leaders and surveyors experienced and competent with geo-polymer systems and solutions.
Injection Underpinning Process                          

3. Bespoke and Suited Planning

  • Full workload schedule including dates and times of works is produced and put forward to the client.
  • Client gives the go ahead for proposed works and any necessary revisions are made.
Injection Underpinning Process                          

4. Project is Carried Out in a Fast and Professional Manner

  • Work begins and is carried out more efficiently than other underpinning method.
  • No hydraulic power is needed so less chance of cracks or breakages.
  • Geo-polymer expands as is sets and is almost immediately ready.
  • Geo-polymer is able to be injected at any time of the year and in any weather.
  • Average house jobs and many business jobs are completed in one day.
Injection Underpinning Process                          

5. Post Treatment Analysis

  • Post treatment tests as required, such as dynamic cone penetrometer testing or GPR surveying
  • ● Verify QA information

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