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Void Filling

Uretek void filling solutions can  be used to fill any size of void. Typical applications include pipelines and tunnels but the solutions is suitable for almost any void fill requirement.

We specialise in the application of a range of materials to fill voids, depending on the size and location.

Our solutions have proved to be a super-fast, all of our materials are inert and can be easily excavated, so if at a later date the  void needs to be accessed, the geopolymer can be removed. Where required, we also provide a specialist structural grade void fill solution that can be applied directly or through a injection small hole, providing a non-disruptive solution.

Our void filling process involves utilising a specific geo-polymer or a combination or Uretek geo-polymer and a lightweight clay aggregate. The filling is achieved by using lightweight materials that do not impart significant load to the site.


  • Expanded lightweight geopolymer
  • Produced on site from a liquid base using minimal plant and equipment
  • Can be pumped over 70 metres

Short video (right) illustrating the lightweight material expansion, video recorded at the Uretek research facility.

Read about our work filling pipes and sewers on Lewisham Gateway.

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