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Methods For Treating Subsidence

URETEK are well-known for our innovative methods and processes, which we use to great effect on a number of different problems for a wide variety of clients.URETEK has unique proven methods for treating subsidence that, with minimum disruption and no excavation, save our clients' time and money, taking the stress out of repairing sunken concrete, subsiding structures and filling voids.

URETEK methods provide number of advantages over more traditional underpinning techniques - these are often loud, disruptive and turn your property into a building site. URETEK methods for treating subsidence are very efficient and convenient. The set-up time, injection procedure and curing time are accomplished in full in a matter of hours - rather than days or even weeks required for alternatives. URETEK methods do not depend on hydraulic pressure to lift, so your property will not have to play host to heavy or loud machinery. Our methods have been designed from the ground up to be as unobtrusive as possible.

On top of that, URETEK’s methods have a lower chance of going wrong and are more effective. The boundaries of the subsided areas to be raised are readily controlled, so there are fewer chances of slab cracking and breakage. URETEK methods allow accurate surface realignment and repair of concrete slabs, by quite simply raising the slab back to the level it should be and re-supporting it. The small number and size of the injection holes mean that URETEK can even carry out the injections through floor coverings (or along carpet edges) and finishes (including vinyl, tiles and parquetry) where removal may not be practical. Compare this to the heavy excavation of other methods and it really is a no-brainer. URETEK methods for treating subsidence have been proven with over 30 years of experience throughout Europe, the Americas and Australasia.

Deep Injection

The Uretek Deep Injection process consolidates the ground and increases its bearing strength, resulting in long-term foundation support.

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Slab lifting

Injection of expansive geopolymer to underseal, fill voids and accurately lift and realign sunken concrete slabs and other structural or building elements.

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A new and unique patented ground stabilization technology suitable for treating subsidence and strengthening very weak ground.

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