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Methods For Treating Subsidence

URETEK has innovative and proven methods to treat any subsidence problems you might be having, with the minimum amount of disruption to you. We have a policy of no excavation. Sunken concrete slabs, subsiding structures and void filling.

Our method

The principle of our solution involves injecting our expanding geo-polymer materials under your property. We drill small holes in the ground near the building and the material is pumped down these holes as a liquid. Under the ground, it then expands and binds with the soil. As the geo-polymer expands it fills the voids in the soils, forces out any water and compacts the soil – this results in a solid stable base under your property's foundations or floor.

As the material expands in the ground it will follow the path of least resistance until it cannot migrate any further, this ensures an even elevation. At this point the expansive force of the material begins to push up onto the foundations of your property. We can see when this happens using our laser monitors, which will pick up 0.25mm of movement above the injection point.

If we are stabilising the ground we will stop the process at this injection point and move on to the next – we will inject at points at around 1.5m apart to ensure the material is equally spread under the problem area of your property. If we are lifting your floor, we continue injecting material at the injection point until the floor is lifted to the required level.

The advantages of geo-polymer resin

The material we use does not degrade, so it is a permanent solution compared to concrete. Additionally, the process of introducing our geo-polymer to the affected area is faster and cleaner. As a comparison, cement grouting requires heavy machinery and your property becomes a full worksite, as with screwpillars, or underpinning, both of which require the excavation of foundation soil.

With URETEK we simply drill small holes nearby and inject our material, so you can be on the site as it happens. The chance of slabs cracking or breaking is enormously reduced because of the control we have over the raising process. It is accurate and solves the problem in the long term, because of the robust simplicity of the solution; the slabs are merely raised back to their original position while being supported underneath.

In addition, the injection holes can be made in a variety of different places, due to how small they are. They can even be made through floor coverings and surfaces where removal is not practical. It is a generally cleaner process and much faster than the other stabilisation options.

Using geo-polymer as a solution to subsidence is the most convenient method and in most cases the preferred option. Other methods, such as underpinning delivered by traditional building contractors, are becoming dated as technology evolves.

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