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Special Infrastructure Works

URETEK technologies can be used to prevent forming of sinkholes, stop leaking water and stabilise manholes and sewer pipes. URETEK's processes are also highly effective as a method of water sealing - for example, to prevent water from leaking into excavations below the water table.

Hydro-insensitivity makes it ideal

The fast curing time of the resins and the hydro-insensitivity makes them ideal for this purpose, and they are particularly suitable for use with secant and contiguous piling.

Other less common situations for URETEK remedial treatments include re-levelling and supporting base slabs for transmission towers, wind farms, coal loaders, weighbridges and cranes, solidifying rock-built piers, raising and supporting sunken lift-wells and supporting and re-levelling wharves, hard standing and buildings at seaports.

Embankment Ground Strengthening, Brunel-Designed Bridge

GPR surveys identified voiding under the entire surface of the walkway of Hiscocks Bridge in Bath resulting in settlement to embankments on the approaches. 

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Provost Driver Court Remedial Works

Uretek was contacted to investigate settlement issues affecting the pumping stations at the end of Provost Driver Court in Renfrew

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