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Track stabilisation

Uretek can save time, money and disruption on key issues such as wet beds, pumping slab track, subsiding platforms or depots. Our geo-polymer injection processes are suited to areas where water saturation has affected the permanent way causing a reduction in line speeds. The speed of our solution means a line can be restored in single possessions.

No excavations are involved and large sections of track areas can be treated in a possession. The treatment is fast, most jobs are done in a one or two shifts and the area is trafficable immediately after treatment.

We recently worked on a section of the Midland Mainline near Kentish Town. 

Our resin injection process was used to stabilise the tracks and enable Network Rail to bring the line speed back to normal operating limits. The Uretek process requires drilling through slabs or into ballast to depths of one to five metres, geo-polymer is injected as liquid that expands into solid material, forcing out water and creating a stable bed and a permanent solution.

This process is achieved with no excavation the line is ready to commence use within an hour. The video highlights a before and after to illustrate how effective our solutions are.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help stablise your assets.

Documents: Rail flyer

Midland Mainline slabs lifted

We delivered some urgent works to the ground beneath the Midland Main Line approach to St Pancras Station at Kentish town.

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6 000 m² base slabs raised

Settlement to base slabs at a rail depot in Farnham, near London, threatened to disrupt rail operations in south-east England.

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