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Airport & Runway Subsidence

We stabilise and re-levelling runways, taxiways, hangar floors and airport buildings; our fast solutions delivered overnight have been used at the majority of UK's major airports including, Heathrow, Gatwick, London City.

The Uretek slab lifting process is more economical and much less disruptive than slab replacement, which can put areas out of operation for many days. A major benefit is the speed of our repair and consequent savings in money and disruption. Sections being repaired using our solutions are out of commission for just hours at a time. Work is carried out one section at the time, at night or other low traffic periods.

Injected geo-polymer material reaches has a fast curing time, meaning that the airport can be operational within 15 minutes. 

Please contact us to discuss the work we have completed on UK airports. 


Hangar re-supported at air force base

At the Royal Australian Air Force Base at Williamtown, New South Wales, a number of the hangars for FA 18 jet fighters had developed major ground problems.

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