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House subsidence

If your property is being affected by subsidence, we can cure the issue in just one day. (Watch the clip of our solution on Channel 4's 'Help my House is Falling Down') 

Subsidence happens when the ground beneath your home is no longer strong enough to take the weight of the property. Originally, the property will have been built on foundations suited to the environment, but unforseen factors over time will affect the strength of soil beneath the foundation, the result is concrete floors sinking or the side of houses subsiding.  

There are a number of common reasons for subsidence to happen, they can include shrinking clay soil due to dry weather; excessive water saturation from a leaking drain or flooding, tree removal or inadequate foundations on the original construction. Any one of these factors will change the soil, making it weaker and your house subside; Uretek can restore the strength of the soil and stop the subsidence.

Cracks or floor sinking

Its quite easy to see if your property has been affected. Floors might have sunk, cracks might appear in the walls or there could be misalignment in doors and windows making them harder to close. Read more about the the signs

Property value

Subsidence and its effects can impact the structural integrity of your home and decrease the value of your property.  On completion of work, we will provide you with a materials guarantee and a where required provide a building control certificate - ultimatley this is peace of mind that subsidence has been cured for the long term. 

As Uretek is only treating the soils underneath the strucutre, you do not have to declare the work, meaning your property will not lose value or saleability - Underpinning work for example has to be to be stated on title deeds. 

How we work

Our process is straightforward, contact us and discuss the problem - if suitable we arrange for an area manager to visit your home, they will assess the extent of the problem and explain our solution.  We will then produce a treatment plan which will be sent to you, together with a quote for the cost for the work.  If you want us to fix your subsidence, let us know and we'll schedule a suitable time with you. 

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The work itself takes one to two days and you can remain in the property whilst this happens. Our technical team drills into the ground at identified points around the property and use precise laser monitoring to control the ground injections. Once complete we fill drill holes and there is virtually no sign of any work having taken place.
Our ground stabilisation process provides a the same result as piling or underpinning without the mess and the time. It is widely recommended by home owners, insurers, loss adjusters, surveyors and strucutral engineers. We have treated the ground at over 100,000 sites around the world and in the UK are ISO accredited. 
Please give us a call on 0800 084 3503 to discuss your property with our experienced advisors or complete the contact form

We now accept payment by credit card via WorldPay.


Stabilising homes, Glasgow

The client chose to use the URETEK systems due to the minimal disruption that would be caused by our works, to the elderly residents

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Subsidence affecting flats

Uretek treated subsidence on a block of flats in Birmingham by injecting materials under the ground. The building was suffering extreme cracking due to the ground beneath being continually water logged.

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