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Historic structures


The UK is fortunate to have some of the world’s greatest historic structures. With age, and as a consequence of the original foundation design, many historic buildings such as churches, halls and castles are subsiding or sinking into the ground beneath them.

At Uretek, we have worked on many important buildings to protect them from the dangers of subsidence, which can cause serious building damage. Our solutions are unique in that they are non-intrusive, this minimises the need for archaeological supervision, and makes geo-polymer injection an attractive option for older buildings with delicate masonry or inadequate foundations.

Where a historic structure is being affected by ground related failure, we are well placed to provide the correct advice and solutions to the problem. We have worked on a range of structures from the likes of Dumbarton Castle to historic buildings in the centre of York - our teams work closely with all stakeholders to ensure the right solution is delivered ensuring our history is not lost and can continue to be enjoyed by the public.

Our solutions

We have a range of solutions that can be applied to improve, stablise and support the ground beneath historic structures. Our engineering department will analyse the structure and site investigation report and then create a bespoke programme of works suited to the specifications.

All of our solutions involve the injection of a geo-polymer material into the ground beneath the structure. The geo-polymer expands in the ground and solidifies, this effect will achieve an improvement in ground strength, soil stability and in some circumstances provide upward lift.

The solutions we use can include:

Ground Improvement :The bearing capacity of foundation soils can be improved up to 25 metre depths. The result is densification and compaction of soil directly under the structure, without excavation, vibration or mechanical force.

Stabilisation: A controlled process using laser monitoring, whereby geo-polymer is injected into the ground to prevent movement, whilst not raising any of the existing slabs or structures.

Structural Support: Geo-polymer pillars are injected directly beneath concrete floor slabs and building foundations. The result is consolidated underlying ground and increased bearing strength, resulting in long-term foundation support.

Water Sealing: Used where a barrier needs to be created to facilitate construction or where structures are already below the water line and the integrity is compromised by water migration.


Benefits of Uretek’s approach

Using Uretek will enable a solution that requires no excavation, no vibration or mechanical force.  The process is very isolated which means the majority of the building can be used as normal throughout the works. There is no dust or mess left behind and we ensure that we leave barely any visible sign of the works.


Re-levelling and stabilising a War Memorial without disturbance, Abingdon

URETEK treated the ground underneath the War memorial in Abingdon quickly and cleanly, with no mess and no need to move the memorial.

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Abbeydale water sealing

Uretek used its water sealing methods to seal a dam from an adjoining mill.

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