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Road Stabilisation

URETEK stabilises, raises and re-levels subsided and unstable slabs and flexible road surfaces, quickly, economically and with minimal disruption.

Advantages of URETEK solutions:

  • Major highway, bridge approach slabs, suburban streets and motorways are all corrected faster and more economically than by breaking up and replacing the slab.
  • The URETEK Slab Lifting process is quick to apply with no excavation.
  • Work is carried out one lane at a time and at night if required. Because of the speed of the process, URETEK can stablise roads between rush hours, allowing full use of the road at busiest periods.
  • Vehicles can drive over the corrected area immediately.
  • Flexible road surfaces are also readily stabilised with minimal disruption. URETEK's Deep Injection process strengthens the sub-base and improves bearing capacity without any excavations or replacement of road materials. Flexible surfaces can be lifted back to level.

Road surface degradation is commonly caused by the movement of the concrete base, we can prevent this movement by stabilising the ground beneath.

This film highlights where Uretek injected geo-polymer resins into the ground beneath Northumberland Avenue in Reading. Our solution stablised the ground soils beneath the flexible concrete base or slab, meaning the surface replacement will be long-term as the consequential movement of the concrete to surface is minimised. 

This technique takes just days for entire lengths of road, there is no excavation and access can be maintained throughout work programmes.

Stabilising road with sewer beneath

A collapsed Victorian sewer running below the A74 London Road, Glasgow caused significant localised softening of the soils due to water ingress.

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Road Stabilisation - Reading

Uretek used its resin injection technique to stabilise the ground under Northumberland Avenue in Reading. The longevity of a new asphalt surface was dependent on the ability to stabilise the movement on the ground beneath.

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Bath City Centre Road Stabilisation

Bath and North-East Somerset council needed to find a way to stabilise the rigid construction road slabs

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