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Bath City centre road slabs

When a GPR survey discovered voiding beneath two of  the main access routes into Bath city centre, Bath and North-East Somerset council needed to find a way to stabilise the rigid construction road slabs without causing disruption to the high volume of traffic and the buildings adjacent to the roads, which included the police station and one of the Bath’s busiest nightclubs.

The aim was to strengthen weak ground under the slabs, which were already showing signs of movement/rocking, without disrupting businesses or traffic movement.

Uretek mobilised four teams to work simultaneously, allowing drilling to be completed and Uretek’s Slab Lifting polymer injection process to be applied in each location over just 8 night time shifts. Uretek undertook a full GPR survey to spot cellars and weak areas beneath the road surface before the works, and completed a post-treatment GPR survey to confirm that the soils treated had been adequately improved.

1304 sq metres of North Parade, and 1150 sq metres of Manvers Street were treated in just 8 night-time shifts. No daytime or weekend work was necessary, and there was no disruption to normal business or traffic flows.