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Water Sealing at Hotel Construction Site in Killarney, Ireland

The Problem

URETEK was called after a hotel under new construction in Killarney, Ireland started to pose problems. The excavation work involved had resulted in excessive amounts of water being released into the cavity.

The water table serving the area is located roughly one metre underground. The excavation works extended to between six and seven metres beneath the surface meaning flooding was a very prominent issue during the works.

The development team had taken precautions for this but none were working. Submersible pumps, secant piling and pumped concrete were all implemented without luck. The seeping water from the high water table was simply too much and washed away concrete cement grout.

This meant that the construction team had to stop digging. The large volume of ingressing water was prohibiting further progress of the project.

The Solution

The engineers at URETEK assessed the area and decided that specialised hydro-insensitive geopolymer injections would be the best course of action. Following injection, geopolymers would expand within seconds and create an impenetrable obstacle that water couldn’t pass through.

The URETEK team injected the geopolymer resins with one metre spacing behind the face of the pile and two metres from the base of the piling site. The project was successful and water flow into the excavation site was adequately blocked.

As our geopolymers are tough, durable and water resistant, construction could commence once again without the fear of repeated flooding returning to cause a standstill. In just 15 days, we managed to secure a large site and ensure ongoing construction could be completed.

The Outcome

The client was extremely impressed with the results. They remarked that without the help of URETEK, they may never have been able to reach the basement levels required for construction.

The water sealing job at the site of a Killarney hotel was a challenge but one that URETEK came through. Our engineers were able to identify and resolve the issue swiftly, leaving everybody involved relieved.