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Industrial buildings

Factory, warehouse floors, walls and machinery bases can be stabilised and re-levelled quickly, economically and with minimal disruption.

Client operations can continue during the repair as one area at a time is treated, and work is carried out at night if required. There is no need to move stock, racking or machinery. Trip hazards are eliminated, enabling forklifts to run safely, and machines can operate immediately following the ground treatment.

Uretek processes involve no excavation. Voids are filled, and the processes rectify ponding and slab movement.

Heavy machine bases are best treated after installation, maximizing the compaction by downward pressure.

Benefits of URETEK remediation include

  • Slab deterioration is arrested by filling underlying voids
  • Slab movement at joints ("pumping") is eliminated
  • Less stress to vehicles, as they can ride smoothly on yards and forecourts
  • Forklifts can operate safely as shelving is re-levelled.
  • Accidents avoided.


Major bottling facility south-west England

URETEK were brought in to relevel the floor of a major industrial building whilst allowing it to remain fully operational.

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Stabilisation, lifting and re-levelling of a factory floor, West Country UK

URETEK stabilised and lifted factory flooring in a West Country industrial facility with racking up to 90ft high.

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