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Sinkhole Subsidence & Sinkhole Void Filling

Sinkholes are becoming more prevalent in the UK due to the changes in ground conditions. The term sinkholes can be particularly worrying for anyone who owns a home or facility in areas prone to their effects. The potential for irreversible damage is much greater with a Sinkhole than other forms of ground movement.

Uretek specilises in treating the ground in and around properties as a preventative measure through ground strengthening and post event ground repairs. We will solidify and compact the ground underneath your property which will increase its capacity to withstand its weight and through the expansive force of our materials we can in some instances lift your property back to its original state.

Where a sinkhole has appeared we can fill the void with one of our materials before the surface dressing.

We can visit your property to assess what depths of treatment are needed to return your property to its original state. Please contact us to arrange a no obligation site visit.

Special Infrastructure Works

URETEK's technologies can be used to prevent forming of sinkholes, stop leaking water and stabilize manholes and sewer pipes.

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