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Cost of Subsidence

Ground subsidence is a potentially catastrophic problem for your home or business. If you want more information on the cost of subsidence, then please keep on reading.

Aesthetic impact

There’s an enormous number of problems for your building that result from ground subsidence, ranging from the aesthetic, to the structurally devastating and bank account hammering.

Huge and horrible cracks creeping across your walls, plaster flaking off, wallpaper rucking at the edges and brickwork shifting out of place are all ways that subsidence can make your home or business look worn out and uninviting. This not only makes the building look dramatically worse, this naturally can lead to the fall in value of your home, which could be devastating for you if you’re trying to sell it.

Also, if you’re running a business, nothing makes you look more unprofessional than cracks in the walls and plaster falling off, potentially turning away customers and clients, and leading to unnecessary loss of revenue.

Catastrophic consequences

Outside of the threat to the look of your property, there is a multitude of inconveniences, problems and disasters awaiting you if you don’t get your subsidence treated.

Doors and windows, which are structural weak points, might start getting stiff or stuck, due to distortion. Pipework and electrical wiring are also under threat from the sinking and movement of walls. In your home this can be annoying and unpleasant and in a business this can make parts of the building potentially unusable, leading to a waste of money. If you notice issues with your plumbing or lights, then this could be a symptom of ground subsidence.

At the extreme end of potential problems is massive structural damage to your property. If you start to notice significant structural damage, then health and safety becomes your concern, which can be calamitous for a home or a business. For a home, the safety of you and your family are at risk, and for a business, the safety of employees, of customers, clients and of the general public are at risk.

Business property owners have the added threat of legal action potentially being taken against them if these risks ever become a reality. If parts of your building collapse then you can find yourself unable to use it, which leads to huge problems and costs for homeowners and business owners.

Financial implications

On top of all that, there’s also the extensive repair costs which you’ll have to weather if you let it get this bad. Structural damage to a building, its wiring and pipework can all potentially be enormous financial costs. Importantly, these extensive repairs dwarf the cost of getting Uretrek to come in to sort your ground subsidence.

Untreated subsidence can lead to significant loss of property and structural value as well as costs to your business from inability to use your premises or structures for their planned purpose.

We’ll use our resin injection method to sort out the stability of your foundation, so why take the risk with your property? Do not leave it too late, it’s not worth it.

Please call us to discuss your property, it may be that an indicative price can be provided or we can arrange a free site inspection to understand the extent of your issues. 

Untreated subsidence can lead to

  • Damage to pipework and electrical wiring

  • Potential loss of value of the property or structure

  • Significant aesthetic impact

  • Doors and windows sticking due to distortion

  • Higher cost of doing business as premises cannot be used as intended

  • Public health and safety concerns in case of infrastructure subsidence

  • Potential devastating structural consequences and risk of collapse

  • Massive repair costs