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Ground Subsidence

We've been providing subsidence remediation services for over 30 years. That’s 30 years of re-stabilised ground and 30 years of happy customers. This is a problem that affects thousands of home and building owners and can have some extremely serious consequences on both buildings and finances. The URETEK team is here to assist. Do not suffer with subsidence any longer.

What is Ground Subsidence?

This is the downward movement of the foundations of a building or structure. In most cases, this is due to changes in the underlying soil conditions. Sometimes, the problem is associated to heave or the upward movement of the underlying ground. Landslip may also contribute. If foundations are built on a slope, the ground can begin to slowly slide down, damaging foundations.

That’s only one of the possible factors; large trees and plants, water damage and the type of soils foundations are built on are factors, too. For more information, please visit our Common Causes page.

This problem is, of course, something that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later, because the problems that arise from it become more severe as time goes on. Uretek provides robust subsidence solutions for any structure or infrastructure, repairing them back to prime condition. Our methods reverse the effects of collapse inducing factors, letting you carry on with your day-to-day life.

Designed to Last

Compared with other methods, such as concrete underpinning, our geo-polymer resin injection is a long-term fix to ensure that your building remains safe and stable.

Thanks to our long-lasting solutions, repaired grounds and foundations will be stabilised for the long term. Our comprehensive processes allow us to treat the problem at the source. We believe that your house should feel safe, secure and, above all, like a home. At URETEK, this is a problem that we are committed to solving for you permanently.

Highly advanced geo-polymer material is injected directly to the origin of the issue without the need for lengthy and potentially damaging excavation and underpinning. With absolutely no digging required, there is minimal disruption to everyday activities and in most cases, you can even stay on the premises during the works.

Our highly-experienced and knowledgeable team have the relevant skillset and expertise to make sure that subsidence is no longer an issue for you and your building or structure. They will come and inspect the building to see the scale of the problem and then work out a solution that works best for you. A convenient schedule that works around your life will be sorted, ensuring that the problem is fixed as soon as possible.

Get in touch

Subsidence is a daunting issue to be facing, but the team at URETEK is here for you. If you have any concerns or questions about the issue, feel free to get in touch with us. Call us to discuss your property, our regional teams based throughout the UK and Ireland will visit to inspect your property to assess the issues and solutions.

Identifying Subsidence

Common signs of potential subsidence include cracks, uneven floors and unexpected structural damage.

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Common Causes

Subsidence can be caused by moisture in the soil or changes in environmental or surrounding circumstances.

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Cost of Subsidence

Untreated subsidence can lead to significant loss of property and structural value as well as costs to your business.

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Subsidence Treatment

Treating subsidence in a timely manner will yield a number of benefits to the user and owner of the building or structure.

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UK Subsidence Map

Take a look at our UK subsidence map, outlining key problem areas in the UK.
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