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Company info

Uretek is the world’s leading geopolymer soil remediation company. We are the original inventors of the ground injection system which uses expansive resins to control and manage the soils underneath the built environment.

We have pioneered advances in ground remediation for over 35 years and have provided subsidence, settlement, water control and void filling solutions on 200,000 sites around the world. The business operates in UK & Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa and the Americas.

The Uretek solutions can be applied to virtually any situation where subsidence and settlement occurs. We treat properties throughout the UK, road and rail slab-track stabilisation are also common areas where the advantages of the injected resin solution are clear; stabilisation through geopolymer takes as little as hours where the alternative would involve excavation and takes days or weeks.

Our systems are also applied heavily in the industrial property sector where major facilities require absolute control over ground levels and bearing capacity. Furthermore, the injection technique is now often considered as an early stage design solution for new construction.

Company history

Uretek Worldwide Oy has its roots in Tampere, Finland. Today the company operates a network of licensed contractors in over 50 countries.

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What we do

Uretek is a group of specialist ground engineering contractors solving foundation and infrastructure soil problems within repair construction industry.

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Vision and Values

We have identified four key values which are pivotal in helping us reach our long terms goals.

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